Sunday, August 25, 2019

A little behind - hope he won't mind

A enjoy doing box trades - just trading 400-800 cards each way. Sometimes as a surprise, sometimes known, but it usually makes for an economic trade when it comes to shipping. I have done a couple different ones with Jeff (Shaw Racing from TradingCardDB). One I haven't had a chance to share for a bit, but starting to today. I was able to offload about 900 cards from what matched up that Jeff needed, and in return got back about 500 which were Toronto, some inserts, and some cards for sets I have been slowly working on - a bit of everything.

Enough there to share that I'll take a few days here to work through it.

First, some cards I am happy to have, but weren't necessarily "needs" since I just collect inserts and parallels but don't go overboard on getting all of them, just pick up what I can here and there.

I have never had one of these, and didn't know they existed until I noticed the one in Jeff's for trade cards. Would have been quite different if Fleer decided to go with a border like this for the 1991 Fleer base set - a different go than the yellow.

These are 4 of the 10 Frank Thomas inserts out of 1993 Leaf. Frank would be a PC guy for me if I did such things. Big Hurt was such a good guy off the field, just something that really makes top guys stand out for me. Though not sure how I feel of the recent Nugenix commercials.

Same set, but like the prior year or two, gold leaf rookies - my first two of 20 cards for this insert set.

Last card for today...

Card CC9 - I do have a couple other insert cards from the set, but figured I could add this one as it is new to me. I don't mind the small insert set, and would be good to go with the base set I do have.

A nice little start from the box, but plenty more for the next few days!

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  1. The 1991 Fleer All-Star Team inserts are beautiful! And seeing that Cullen brought back memories of the Pat Falloon. People were paying good money for that card in my area back in 1991.