Friday, August 2, 2019

Clear Cut

A couple more packs of Timmies cards today, both of which do a decent job of beating the odds.


Kucherov had a great 2017-18, and a massive regular season for 2018-2019. The playoffs didn't work out the way the Tampa Bay Lightning would have wanted after finishing best in the league during the regular season, a large part of which was Kucherov's play.

Odds of the Top Line cards - a nice one per 24 packs. Given I have 24 packs intotal, should technically be the only one I get (but time will tell).

The second pack is highlighted by, probably my favourite inserts, a Clear Cut Phenom. I like these cards with the clear acetate look. I picked up a Connor McDavid from the prior year set - would love to see the Auston card show up, but would be okay to get Nylander or Marner (yeah - 3 Leafs in the 15 cards).

3 packs, 9 cards, 57 points.

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