Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How far $2 Goes

Today we have a $2 Hockey Card Surprise Bag from Dollarama to look through. Will it be worth the $2? Let's see!

So, a card holder which I am sure I can put to use, a couple packs (fairly generic) of cards and a classic Pro Set pack which may bring up an error card or two.

Let's start with the Pro Set since it probably won't bring much excitement.

Interesting enough - I actually didn't have this ad insert card, so I can at least add this one to my complete set. Might as well try and make it that little bit more complete.

Yeah - so this makes the pack probably the most Leaf friendly pack I have ever had from this set. Amazing to end up with 5 of the 15 cards being Leafs, but I will absolutely take it!

The rest of the pack has nothing to write home about - no error card or variation needs, but still....5 Leafs!

Let's look at the 2010 pack...

Well - exactly as advertised, nothing more, and nothing less.

Lastly, the 4 cards (including a superstar)...

Again, pretty much what you expect - I gather Drouin or Toews would count for being the superstar in this pack.

All in - not a bad little surprise bag, especially with the heavy Leaf content, even if it is circa 1990 Pro Set.

Something that wasn't $2, was what I picked up on my last trip to 401games before they moved up Yonge street a bit - a few packs of MTG Core 2020 set packs. I usually pick up three and get one or two dupes of cover art, so open a pack or two, but not this time.

Ended up with the three different cover arts, so the packs all end up going into the unopened pack collection - still works well for me!