Thursday, August 8, 2019

All Star Edition

The All Star Checklist inserts are one every three packs - I have been fairly lucky so far to not be hitting that average...until today...

A dupe in Mike Smith, and All Star Boeser. I only need McDavid and Sidney left for the 5 card insert set.

I always liked Letang in a supporting role on any team. A solid D-Man who put in a bunch of minutes and plenty of points out of the position, and a solid part for the Pens for a number of years.

There we go! Only McDavid left getting the Crosby All Star card (and two other base needs. If I had to pick on one down side to the base cards, it is rare you have anyone else really in the shot - like a trust action shot. It is good in that the focus is only on the player, but you don't get odd/busy/action with puck type shots.

15 packs, 45 cards, 161 points

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