Saturday, August 31, 2019

Rare, but anything wanted?

Again, before 401games moved, I picked up one of their fairly new repacks. They put together 20 rare magic cards for $4.50. I figured, for the price, I might as well check one out. Beast case, I get a couple artifact cards that, in a perfect world, would have cost me more than $4.50 to pick up at the store, worst case....I don't.

Well, let's take it card by card and see what we end up with.

Volrath's Dungeon
$0.50 - Not a keeper, but an interesting effect for reducing cards in an opponents hand.

Pheres-Band Warchief
$0.50 - average being 4 casting cost for a 3/3 is about average but the ability works for a Centaur deck.

Hypnotic Siren
$0.50 - Why would you want to use the ability for 7 total mana - I must be missing something.

Drowner of Hope
$0.50 - Getting closer to an artifact, but still no luck.

$0.50 - Okay, that's a pretty darn good special ability for double to power and double the toughness. Can understand why a 1/1 creature would cost 4 total mana.

$1.00 - Expensive to use the ability likely in some cases, but to be able to re-use it is a great ability.

Dubious Challenge
$0.50 - I haven;t looked it up, but wonder if the two exiled creatures is a choice. Sounds like it, which gives a bunch of creatures on on your side and in play.

Elephant Resurgence
$0.50 - Only two mana to cast given that everyone benefits from the spell.

Archon of Redemption
$0.50 - Neat ability for life gain.

Palisade Giant
$0.50 - A good deflector of damage.

Task Mage Assembly
$0.50 - Interesting way to shut the game down quickly given anyone can use the ability. this point, I see where this pack is going...roughly $5 of cards for $4.50 - not big on savings, but hope there is an artifact or two still at least.

Herald of Torment
$0.50 - Bestow ability again...huh.

Twinning Glass
$0.50 - Finally an artifact, and one that I don't already have so, success! Well, one card at least.

$1.00 - That can be quick for ending a game.

Mistform Skyreaver
$0.50 - My favourite - a nice big baddie!

Zhur-Taa Ancient

Exert Influence
$0.25 - High casting cost and a meh power.

Brutal Expulsion
$0.50 - If you want something to have no colour, should just make it an artifact.

Fateful Showdown
$0.50 - Painful ability in so much as, you may not have many cards in your hand, and if you do - poof! Switch them up.

Coax from the Blind Eternities
$0.50 - I will giver it a mark for the fact you can use a card outside the game based on the ability. It is very rare to see such an effect.

So overall - $10.75 would have to have been spent on the cards individually. That said, only one artifact for me at $0.50, so I would have been better off spending the money on artifacts, but now I know. Also, gives me a few cards for trading away if anyone is interested.


  1. Don't know jack about Magic... but I tried to think if I'd buy a grab bag of 20 baseball cards with $10.75 value for $4.50. My gut instinct was to say no and use the money on a single autograph or vintage card. But then again... I've spent my money haphazardly on blasters and value packs... so I guess I'd have to be in the situation to make the call.

    1. It's interesting when you put a dollar value to these things, because the more I do that and have the same thought, I wonder if it is better to buy just the cards I want. The plus side with packs, etc, is great for getting trade bait and having cards for others, but for my own collection and collecting, probably better money spent just buying what I specifically want/need.

    2. Whenever I open blasters, I know that there's very little chance I'll actually pull something that will pay for my blaster. But I still buy them, because it'll provide me some joy. The hardest part though is putting a value on the "entertainment value".