Friday, August 23, 2019

It continues...

Had a bunch of Pittsburgh cards in the first half of this 80 card Dollarama pack. Let's see if that continues.

First up, the Jay content...

Only the one Jay card in this half.


A bit heavy on the "junk wax", bu some needs still found there as I go the slow and steady route on a number of sets, like 1989 Fleer for example. Best of the bunch is the Busch Stadium though as I have a soft spot for ballpark cards.


A whole bunch of '87-'91 cards and a lone later Topps card I just happen to have.

A quick second half, and not a super one - still a couple nice cards, and a bunch for a Pittsburgh fan, but that's just not my thing.


  1. That Busch Stadium Card is awesome..

  2. That 87T Mike Diaz is a nice card. Whoever was in charge of the Pirates that year did a great job, because the Bonds is sweet too.