Thursday, August 15, 2019

A step down but a step up

So yesterday, the first 40 cards out of this pack showed a nice 8 Jays which was amazing. The second half...

Bazinga! Another 7 Jays in this half - 15 out of 80 cards - wow! A nice spread on these ones to going all the way back to 1984. Surprisingly, no Olerud cards given the few in the first half.

Another Bowman insert, as these tend to have.

A bunch of keepers in this half as well...

In a bunch like this, Studio cards really stand out with their difference. Doesn't hurt that Rafael has such a nice coif too!

A couple interesting cards here with a Sports Illustrated and Upper Deck Vintage coming through. If I could find a bunch, I wouldn't mind taking a run at collecting some of the Upper Deck Vintage set - it was an early version of say heritage or archives from current Topps offerings.

Duples available for anyone interested...

A bit more than yesterday from the usual suspects, especially 1991 Score which seems to show up more here than I have seen in the past.

Definitely better than 40 Cliff Floyds!

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  1. 15 out of 80? That's awesome! Better run out and grab a lottery ticket, because someone is smiling down on you.