Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Quick Go With Bowman

So I was at Wal-Mart not too long ago (okay, maybe longer than I recall), and I wanted to pick this up for the unopened pack collection since I didn't have anything from 2019 Bowman yet. Since there is an extra pack in this, it also gives me a chance to open a pack and see if I get lucky enough to get poster boy Vladdy.

A closer look...the packs are...

The 5 Camo cards also include a very obvious security tag inside the pack - nice big bump on the back, but into the collection it goes!

As for the opening of a pack...

Decent, but fairly standard Bowman design for the base cards. I will say, it is nice to get 12 cards in a pack instead of say 5 or 6.


Yeah, this is more what Bowman is known for - all the rookie and prospect cards. Not really my thing, but don't mind Chrome inserts or...

A nice green parallel with an SN to 99! Makes for a successful pack - other than not getting a Jays card, I guess.


  1. Congratulations on pulling the green Liberatore! I just bought a collection of 2019 Bowman at the flea market. Hoping a few of the guys end up making it big.

    1. It's like a mini lottery - hope they make it big so the cards are that much more worth having.