Monday, August 26, 2019

Well Ain't That Swell

Today's item for share from the box I got from Shaw Racing relate to one of my favourite type of sets. Being that I don't like spend big bucks on vintage cards (something I happily don't have to worry much about given I collect Jays), but still enjoy and appreciate the history of the game, relatively newer sets which deal with vintage players, are right up my alley. The reason I picked up these ones, is that I had a few already (literally, only had 4 of them).

Yogi, Lou Brock, etc, etc, etc - I mean, just a great set. The yellow and red design looks a lot better than 1991 Fleer which came out the same year. I think the red breaks it up enough luckily.

Warren Spahn is a big highlight here as I don't have many cards related to him. A good example to talk about as far as the cards go in that, the back is a great summary of where he spent his career, career lifetime stats, and a quick write up highlighting important points of his career - about as much as you can ask, and a lot of info for a small space.

With all of these, I have 47 of the 150 card set. I am going to get into the process of going through my collection as far as sets go and make a decision on whether I am collecting and keeping what I have for certain sets, or just ditching and not collecting the set. This will definitely be in the keep category, even with 100 plus cards still needed.


  1. Very vibrant colored borders. Overall... I'd say these cards are swell ;)

    1. Agreed - as much as they are also yellow, I find these so much better than the 1991 Fleer set.