Monday, January 25, 2021

Begin The Gold Rush

The binders I emptied are not done yet. Today, some of the cards from one of the other binders, which are great, but a couple caveats - again, able to get rid of the smoke smell on these, but the top row is definitely coloured from the damage. That said, I am not overly picky on these, given what they are and will keep those as well as the "good" ones. If I can upgrade later, fantastic, but no way that is a priority.

You may be able to see some of the off-white in the scans.

Secondly, I know this isn't a complete set, and I only have 13 going in, but I should have about 80% or more by time this binder is done being logged.

Yes - 1993 Topps Gold parallel set. I think these were generally liked at the time, back when parallels weren't in 400 shades of colours and inserted into different types of products between boxes, blasters, retail or hobby.

I like the simplicity of it, just the add of the gold foil. A marked difference from the base set, though much harder to read the name on the foil, but that's par for the course.

Going through these, I think there will be some stars taken and probably some rookies, and I am sure the Derek Jeter rookie will be nowhere here, but that's okay. Heck, even if some are tinged in colour, it's probably over 60- when all is said and done (will have to see...) of these nice gold parallels, and that's just a small part of the whole thing.

I am hoping, although some cards may have been picked out, that I may be able to complete a Jays team set in the parallel - and here we do get the first couple Jays...

Jack Morris and the Terminator, Tom Henke. Jack was a great pick up for the team, and Tom had some solid years for them to bolster the late innings, a great couple pitchers during the Jays brightest days.

Yeah, one day of inserts that I am keeping, and the numbers start looking much better!

Let's keep the good times going with more baseball action from and the cards sent my way...

Of all the Jays cards provided, these are the ones that complete team sets - sure a few being one off cards, but that still counts!

I hadn't seen any of the 2001 Donruss Classics before, though I have a few cards from other years and like these sets, so not only happy to get any 2001 versions, but all the pure base cards which is awesome!

With the completed team sets covered, we can start back at the beginning, or earliest cards sent along. Nice going all the way back to 1981 Donruss. I am actually getting fairly close on the team set for that one, just a few to go.

Would have thought I'd be done with 1986 Donruss, but still not quite there.

We then move into the mid 90s, and there is a bunch of 2000s cards that hit many new sets.

Here, my first Ultra insert Award Winner cards, which are nicely done, and a sweet Molitor Electric Diamond card too.

The Top Of The Order game cards are the first of those I have for more collection too.

Love the variety, and still plenty more to share, but maybe tomorrow.

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  1. It's still weird seeing Joyner with the Royals... but that card is fantastic!