Saturday, January 9, 2021

Going All-AFC

 Yesterday, I spoke about subsets, and we have another solid one in the 1991 Pro Set football cards today with some of the All-Star subset cards.

The top row got a bit cut off in the scan - not to worry, the cards are just fine. Not a bad way of doing the cards with the artistic phot, though not a fan of the white (or lightly coloured) space around it.

It does at least do the one thing I like about subsets - they need to be somewhat different from the rest of the base set cards to some extent. Even the newsreel ones from yesterday were similar fronts, but pure write ups on the back, so a bit different.

On a side note - notice that there are 4 different Bills - again showing just how strong a team they had (and probably part of what drew me, along with the proximity).

Another bunch of Bills...

Nice - we even get a Mongo McMichael card too!

I'll end the post today with some Christmas goodies - yes, probably going to sprinkle these like decorations on cookies, a bit here and there over the next month or about 3 packs of 2020-21 Tim Hortons hockey cards - easy to scan since at three cards per pack, one scan will do you...and of course the one pack pulled off for the unopened pack collection...leaves me with 21 more packs after today. Won't be getting a full set since there is one insert per pack, but hopefully minimal dupes since I should get about 50 base cards in the 125 card base set.

The design is very consistent with the last couple years, and that's not a bad thing. The base cards are sharp and great in hand. I am also happy to see Sidney right in the first packs too, nice!

For the inserts, I always really liked the gold etchings cards. The design this year, a little less as I liked them being gaudy and just gold all over before.

The Canvas cards looking much like Upper Deck Canvas inserts, and the red die cuts are similar to prior years and solid as well.

A nice start all around.

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