Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Even More Subsets

 The subset talk can continue with some more 1991 Pro Set football cards, starting with some 1990 Review and NFL Newsreel cards... 

Then we get into some officials. Pro Set liked doing this, and good on them, as I remember the referee cards from the hockey set very clearly. Here they take is a step further...

The backs of the cards go the extra step of trying to provide a bit of info with explaining some of the hand signals that the refs make during the game. Very nice to see these, and a couple there I can't say I have ever seen used.

The next subset looks like an interesting set of PSA related cards. Really an interesting way to do it, and really yells early 90s when these messages were everywhere - stay in school, don't d drugs, stop the violence, etc.

We then end with a bunch of All-Star cards again in the artistic looking front.

Wow - how many subsets are there in this set?

Speaking of even more, here finally, are all of the Leaf cards I got in the seppola10 TCDB trade...

These, like the majority, are cards I have a copy of already, but there are some really nice new cards in the bunch too.

Some cards, I really thought I already had, like the Pinnacle Gilmour at the bottom centre, but have them now.

The Mats Nordique front Upper Deck card is part of the 5 year anniversary set - front has a throwback, back is current. I forget sometimes how old MVP is as a set as I don't have much from the early 2000s sets.

McDonald Leafs are always welcome - even 7 copies at as time!

As for the last card, and next few, the Portraits set is really nice, and would have been great if they could use all helmetless photos, but a small complaint (and a bit of waste in space at the bottom - but maybe they are doing the "less is more" thing).

Some of the base set Upper Deck and Ultra from about 2005 on are needs - again, just not an area I have filled out yet.

I may have overdone it on the Toronto Maple Leaf McDonalds checklists from 2007-08. I think I already had 5, and added another 8. Interesting to see the difference in colour variations (not purposeful), just from how they were printed over the run I presume.

Love the full, front facing Raycroft Artifacts card. Always have been a sucker for Artifacts sets.

Ovation cards - all new to me, so I got multiple copies for some, and same with the 2010-11 Donruss cards which, with the white bordering and blue and white of Toronto jersey colours, all comes together well.

I know of the Parkhurst Champions set - but these are the first set of Leafs I have been able to get from the set. The green hue is different and makes the cards stand out. Great subject matters for the cards all around too.

I love the acetate cards, so really like the Ice set here, and why I had no problem with the multiples of each card (I mean hey, why not!). I also just noticed the bottom of the page got cut off by the scanner...oops!

These are two of my favourite recent;/current Leafs .

We end with the couple odd ones - well round or small ones!

So, with all of these, I was able to finish off 11 different team sets ranging from 3 cards to 20 cards in size. I'd call that productive!


  1. Pro Set did a great job with those NFL officials trading cards. Love the backs.

  2. Love the art cards. Definitely a favorite of mine. The newsreels and official cards are fun too. I think Newsreel would be something that would work really well today. As always love those Maple Leafs unis.