Thursday, January 28, 2021

Sticker To The Plan

 Today, we look at some stickers. There may be more through the boxes, but these stood out in the extra stuff floating around the bins.

Billy at Cardboard History will be seeing those here that he doesn't yet have. He was happy to see the last ones I got a while ago as they are a European release of stickers. Wish I had more, but this is all that there appears to be in this one.

Speaking of not much, here we have 1990 Panini Stickers. This was one of the sets I lived on as a kid. Back then, I had hundreds of these stickers, if not thousands. I gave plenty away as a kid and complete the set a couple times over I believe, but didn't end up hanging on to those sticker albums unfortunately.

We also have almost a dozen 1996 X-Men stickers which show shots from the awesome 90s cartoon. I was never a big X-Men person, but loved watching the cartoon.

Last up...

There were some pocket schedules for the Raptors. I'd like to say there was a variety but...

there was a number from the one season at least. Still cool to look at. They open up of course and have the schedule, prices, map for seating, etc. Very nice, but not anything I collect.


  1. The 90's X-Men cartoon was awesome!

    1. It was - happily starting to watch it again on Disney+.

  2. Cool basketball stickers. I've never seen those before. Good post.