Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Is It All Subsets?

First up - so George Springer is coming to the Jays - wow! Definitely a big move to bring a big presence to the Jays. Will be interesting to see him fit into the Jays line up but he should be able to add a few more wins a season to the team - question is, will it be enough to get into and push in the playoffs. Still, exciting to think of the prospects.

Getting back to the cards...there seems to be a theme in this here football set - oodles and oodles of subsets.

Here we obviously have some "Legends" subset cards. I will show my lack of football knowledge in saying, none of these names really strike a chord with me. The only one that might just a little is Joe Ferguson because of the Buffalo connection, but that's about it.

Another subset with some stars from the World League because...we need a bigger base set!

Pro Football Hall of Fame Photo Contest entries in a few of the categories. The photos are great and all, but this counts as a subset too?

A subset with a message - seen some of these before, but here are some more - remember - sstay in school don't do drugs, violence is get out on the football field and slam into each vilence there, right?

We then end with some round 1 selections as we saw the later rounds already.

Wow - that is a variety of subsets. Just a couple more chunks of cards from this set left, at least from what was in the binder, so will have to see if there is anymore in the lot as a whole,. I don't think there is a complete set, but for 850 cards, my guess is that this may end up covering about 800 of them.

Let's do a quick crack of some cards from Steven over at - yes, there is still a place to get cards at 10 cents each, check them out!

Today, just a small pile - the stickers, and small cards as well as some sweet error cards.

Those 1990 Panini Stickers sure bring back memories. Use to have hundreds of those and collect and share them at school. Not sure where they all disappeared to over time, but awesome to have a few back.

The Frycer card is a new one on me - being a Post mini card, I presume it was a cereal or similar insert back in 1981-82. Very cool addition to the collection as well.

As for error cards...

A nice crimped edge on Jassen, a slight miscut on Gill, with Garvin and Harcher being shifted enough to have a bit of other cards showing from the sheet. Nothing too excessive, but all solid adds to the error collection...oh and this one...

Obviously the sheet was put in upside down for the die cutting to be done, so yeah, just completely upside down. Given it is a Leaf too - absolutely love this card.

A great bunch and this is only scratching the surface.

Trust be told, I've let Steven know about the lot I am working through, and though I may trade parts of it away, anything else I am left with, I am sticking aside to give to him once COVID let's him travel a bit and when he comes by the area. I figure it's a great place to help ensure the cards find proper homes, at affordable prices, and ensures I am not housing 20k cards or so for an extended period. Happy to support a great site and good guy, just hope things allow him to make the trip later this year or sometime next spring - whenever it becomes safe!


  1. Congratulations on the Jays getting Springer. Nice to see him leave the AL West.

  2. Loving all these. The Legends art cards are a favorite especially since they feature Joe Ferguson. The art contest cards are nice too. Good photos. I like the Maple Leafs cards with the logo behind the players. Good looking cards. Fun post.

  3. I like the Legends cards too. Pro Set's main issues were centering (or lack of) and thin stock. Though I seem to be thinking of a different year for the centering.