Monday, January 4, 2021

Reggie and Tootie

 Don't worry, it won't be endless posts of 1991 Pro Set football, not going to just work through the one binder, but the set is a big one.

Sweet! Nice to see Reggie White. I recognize the name, though more from his WCW time, specifically his match in 1997 against Mongo. I think it was at Slamboree. It's always interesting to see athletes from other sports step into wrestling, as many of them have done a decent job - but some not so much.

Reggie did fine for what it was, and actually lost to Mongo after being hit by Jeff Jarrett with - a briefcase I think it was, or something like that.

Sure he played some football, but it's that short wrestling stint I remember.

How have I never heard of Tootie? I had to look it up, and he played for 12 years. Granted as a tackle, which isn't probably the most glamorous position, you aren't necessarily going to be on the same plateau as a QB, but I like cool and unique names, and Tootie definitely is that!

The Chargers uniforms look almost black in these cards. I always thought it was purple. 

* Looks it up *

Okay so it looks more like a dark blue / not quite black. So must just be me.

Still, very nice cards and a very nice set overall.


  1. Do yourself a favor and watch one or two Reggie White highlight films on YouTube. You won't be disappointed. The Minister of Defense was a sack machine and one of the greatest defensive ends to ever play the game.

    1. I may not follow football, but can appreciate his ability - wow!