Monday, January 11, 2021

Chugging Along

As I haven't even gotten through a binder year and we are already over 500 cards - I am thinking my 20,000 estimate may be low. That's fine with me! 

Just like, it's fine with me that it's taking half a month to go through cards I am not keeping in a sport I don't follow, because, they are still interesting to go through...hope they are of some interest to you as well.

I remember Randall Cunningham and his time in Philly - though he later on, spent bits of time in Minnesota, Dallas and Baltimore. He was the definition of a rushing quarterback.

Oh the Cardinals. This was in the midst of about 15 years without a winning regular season record. A tough stretch by any means.


Steve Young, who was waiting in the wings and starting in 1991, he started taking over the 49ers where he pretty much ran the QB position through the decade. It's a great thing when your franchise can go from one franchise QB to another. Between Joe Montana and then Steve Young, San Fran had the QB position taken care of for near 2 decades.

Just like that, we are over 500 cards and not very much for my collection....yet...

Okay...three more Tim Horton's packs to end today.

I may not be getting any massive hits like last year, but more than happy to get the Crosby Canvas card. We do get a first dupe with Duclair, but that's fine, bound to happen. At least the inserts are all new.

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  1. The Gary Anderson and Norm Johnson cards are really cool. Kicker cards need love too.