Tuesday, January 26, 2021

More Than Juan

Todays bunch of cards is some odds and sods that were lose along with the last bit of the Pro Set 1990 football binder. 

The best news?

Not just Juan, but a whole handful of Guzman cards. The only one that may possibly be new is the 1992 Donruss because there is apparently two versions (with Donruss, back to a "dot" issue between whether the Inc on the back for the copyright has a dot at the end or not.

This dot on other versions, like 1989 or 1990 is at least in a big enough font, I can see them clearly, the 1992 is smaller and tighter and I haven't done the work yet to tell what I have....some day.

Actually have a few cards on sets I am building. As I go through these cards, I'll have to see what is coming up with different sets as I may be adding some sets to the "slow build" list if there are large pieces of the set I can pick up here. That will be a slowly evolving process.

A promo insert card for - you guessed it 1995-96 Edge Ice set.

As for the "not so keeping" cards...

A few Blackhawks which will make there way to a certain cracked blogger.

As mentioned, the last bunch of Pro Set, and we also have three 1991 Upper Deck football cards which have errors on the back. Two that are missing the foil stamp, and one with two misplaced (thought the football in hand is perfect placement really).

Let's also keep the Jays ball rolling with more www.baseballcardstore.ca cards for show...

Plenty of Delgado cards overall, and some Carter too - and we see both multiple times here. The White and Carter embossed cards are pretty cool with the thick cardstock and a feel otherwise like recent Tim Hortons hockey releases.

The Donruss Studio design bottom middle reminds me very much of the earlier designs, and that's a good thing.

Here we really start to get into an area I didn't colelct much, and still need much. Bowman's Best? Never had any such cards before joining TCDB, and still not too many, but at least a few. Same can be said about Topps Chrome from the 90s and early 2000s.

Roger as a Jay is still so wrong, but he did get k number 3k here.

Those couple Bowman's Best really pop when scanned - wow. We also see Billy Koch - one of those players I really wanted to see succeed, but didn't pan out as great as he seemed he was headed for. He had three really solid years and then quickly dwindled out.

Never heard of the SP Game Bat Milestone Edition before - but probably still true o many 00s sets. By this time, the Studio design was falling a bit behind the days of the 90s unfortunately. That said, Delgado still had his winning smile - Heritage card is example A.

Just so much variety to see - but those Fleer Showcase blue border emphasis for Jays...yummy looking. May have liked if the background photo on the front wasn't the same as the main shot.

Still more to go, but we will stop here with another new to me year for Flair and Showcase from 2003.

I debated pulling all the Delgado cards together just to run them through as it would basically span his Toronto career...but decided against now, though that may be interesting for a future post!


  1. That 1992-93 UD Trade card is a cool piece of collecting history if you're a basketball card collector.

    1. I find those types of cards interesting - like packaging with the ads, just interesting on documenting the hobby at the time.

  2. I like those Pro Set art cards. All-AFC and All-NFC?