Saturday, January 23, 2021

Getting To Know You

 Today, we work our way through more of the finishing field from the 1994 Indy.

Personally, I have a big preference in having these cards dons without the helmets on. A set with nice crisp photos of the actual drivers without the helmets adds something. I like the helmets in close action shots, but not needed here. Heck, a bit surprised with how they did cards in the 90s, that we didn't get a subset of helmet shots since we did get the cards already in the set (though the cards are much more iconic).

In finishing these up next time, I'll show the backs which are pretty interesting as well as they again detail the race including prize money, Indy career prize money won, how long they lased in the rave, their best finish, etc. Again, a very solid design and detail which makes sense since, instead of an entire season, the set really is focused solely on the one race.

Let's end today with a TCDB trade with new trade partner, though quite close as it is someone in Toronto - Nathan-John-Mercer - who provided an opportunity for some wrestling cards.

All of the cards are out of the 2012 Topps set, which even if you don't see much with wrestling cards, the design is the same as the one Topps used for baseball in 2012 as well.

Best of the cards is The Undertaker, and his shaved head. Glad he grew it back out before calling it a career. I didn't mind the look for the feuds at the time but glad that was it.

Also - R-Truth, I swear, looks the same now as 2012 (and as in 1999 for that matter).

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  1. Sin Cara gets my vote. Never heard of him, but it's a decent action shot.