Saturday, March 26, 2022

A Better Ovi

 Just a few more days of Tim Horton's packs to go through and we start today with a better Overchkin than we got the other day - the gold etchings insert.

Still really like those cards, even if it is Ovi. I do want to point out the alternative Jets uni for Pierre. It may be a little more subdued than other teams, but I like it.

Second pack is a Bruins hot pack with two solid base card additions to go with Nathan's insert. 

We end with a new for me red die cut Laine, and the only dupe for the day with Joel.

As we move along here, I'm guessing I should end up about 50 cards into the 125 base card set, and the inserts have been pretty good for the odds. Still a couple more days to look at and see if we get thereabout.

1 comment:

  1. I dont think I've seen that alt-Jets uni and I kinda like it. It's definitely different; never liked their main logo and that classic '80s logo looked plain (and dated) with their old colors. This is a nice update.