Monday, March 7, 2022

Something Pacific

 Not a complaint at all, just an observation, that many of the cards from Jeff Scott are Pacific brand cards from the late 90s and early 2000s. Not all of them of course, but a good number of these seem to be, and that's awesome and fine.

Well, the one base card keeper, which is an awesome Joe card, isn't a Pacific brand, but same time frame.

The insert keepers are a smattering of Pacific related brands and a couple others. I really like the die cut Ducks McDonalds card, though it doesn't scan well given the metallic look. The whole McDonald product that next year was great - 2003-04 - and I expect this insert had something to do with the design the next year. The Kolzig Masked Men insert is another nice insert set - anything goalie mask related is usually a thumbs up from me.

The rest are up for grabs...

Lots of big names here with Roy, Bure, Kariyal Iginla, and company, so even base cards with great star power if anyone is in need.

Then plenty of Pacific cards. I guess these may be the leftovers of some more packs, so anyone working on the set, might be something here for you, or team collectors. Another great overhead goalie shot there though....actually a couple.

We do also have a couple newer cards - and the Timmies is a dupe for me, so up for grabs!

Really appreciate these bunches from you Jeff, and having fun going through them here, and hopefully getting some more Bruins for you!

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