Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Die Is Cut

They may not be rare as far as the inserts go, but I've said how much I like the red die cut inserts in the Tim Horton's 2021-22 product, and here we get my favourite...

Further to my comments yesterday on Ovi, much happier getting a die cut version of The Kid. A shame he had the concussion issues a few years back, definitely impacts his career stats, but doesn't impact him being a first year hall of famer, or still great of the game. Besides, he is the poster boy for the Timmies cards and has been for years.

Two for two with Red Die Cut cards today - sweet!

Sweet - three for three, so up to 8 of the 50 die cut card so far. Just the one base dupe too wish Rasmus makes for another solid bunch of cards.

Any one else look forward to these sets each year? I may not get to opening them right away, but it is probably my favourite hockey release each year - nice design, manageable collectible base set, interesting inserts.

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