Friday, March 18, 2022

Ending With Some Halladays

Today is the last bunch of cards I received from Jeff to keep or trade, so let's see what we have. 

A couple straightforward base set additions for slow building sets well back in my queue.

One shame of a card...

Great card, but that little white mark to the right of Crosby's head is a pin sized prick right through the card. I won't bother keeping this one, but will keep these...

The usual great items coming through between SNs, another autograph (a very nice one too), some Timmies cards, and a couple O Pee Chee inserts too. I really enjoy the Oilers die cast and have a few of them, but this one is new for me.

Just as important - here is all the stuff up for grabs - though some will probably already be headed elsewhere, but feel free to check out my traders on TCDB and offer up a trade if interested in anything.

A couple more Gretzky cards is a nice paid.

Here we have that bunch of Halladays I talked about finishing with. All post his time in Toronto, so not cards for me to keep, but some really nice cards nonetheless.

Including remembering his perfect form.

A last big thank you to Jeff for passing along all these amazing cards and as I say, will be looking to get a pile of Bruins together for you as a thank you. I have a decent start so far, but will work to get even more.

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