Saturday, March 19, 2022

Enter Timmy

Here's Timmy...

I am finally getting around to the 32 or so packs of Tim Horton's cards I got from my mom for Christmas. I'll share a few packs a day, and almost all will likely be new for my collection as I only have a couple base cards picked up from trades or from Jeff as you saw in the last week or two.

The base card design is in line with the last few years and looks really good as usual. The first pack insert is the one in 12 ProMotion insert set. Only the Hockey Heroes cards are less rare as inserts when looking at the regular inserts (meaning, avoiding the 1 in 100,000 auto and other mail in redemption cards).

The NHL Carvas inserts are very much like the Upper Deck flagship set Canvas cards, though a little more colourful. Can't go wrong with Crosby for it either, and the alt uniform really pops here.

Ah, there's a Hockey Hero insert I was talking about.

The Photo Finish inserts are one in 5 and the more usual - though not quite the 1 in 4 odds which are...

The red die cast cards. Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting all red die cut cards. I really like them a lot in hand, and the pink scans are pretty cool too. I like them as much as I like the base cards - different but special in their own way.

A good first go through overall as all the base cards were new too. Let's keep that up!

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