Saturday, March 12, 2022

Sign Me Up

 Sure, we get a surprise Leaf pick up with the cards from Jeff today.....

However, it's the inserts, parallels, etc, which are really striking today.

Lots of my favourite things today. Some die cut cards like the Selanne jersey cut out, Fuhr glove, and Roy Stanley Cup. Dabble in some serial numbered cards too, and this is just amazing. You can see a couple of them, while others are on the back like on the First Day Issue Stadium CLub.

Here is where we get really interesting and even more amazing - with some autograph goodness from 2000-01 Be A Player Signature Series, and not just the one...

but two. Putting in the first couple 2021-22 Tim Horton's cards that I have in hand, and lots of great cards here. Oh, but one more...

A nice Max Talbot card, though a bit of a mash up with the Pittsburgh photo, Philly team naming, and what appears to be a Pittsburgh alt jersey swatch. It is numbered 25/25 on the back, so just a "wow" of a pickup.

We end with the cards up for grabs if anyone is interested as these don't fit for my collection keeps...

A handful of packages left from Jeff, and if they continue to be this awesome....that would be amazing! Heck, amazing, even if they are not.


  1. Love that Grant Fuhr glove card! Inserts like those are why I bought so much Pacific product back in the day.

    1. They are very nice and were ahead of their time.