Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Not Spoiled, But Foiled

 It's a good problem to have, to have a bunch of stuff aside to open for this blog, and I am thankful for it. Today (and tomorrow), I'm going to go through another of the Dollarama 100 assorted Magic card packs to see if I luck out on any artifact additions, and generally anything cool in the pack. Today, left half first!

I don't know if the doubling up of the cards is on purpose or not, but I can say, I expect it to happen more with newer cards. The cardstock is so much more thin the last 8-9 years, that two cards together, just seems more likely to happen compared to the old card stock that was thicker.

Seeing Cancel here, also brings up one point - some cards sure get a lot of reprints. I can understand the ease and need, since rules for playing Magic look at newer sets or cycles only, being the legal cards you can play. SO if they want a card to say around and be playable, it needs to be reprinted regularly. Cancel has been in almost 20 sets at this point.

I have my play set of 4 Prophet of the Peak cards, so no help there.

Prismatic Lens is a keeper. Frostwalla seems to be a regular in these repacks.

The first card here, the Totem, is foil and my first artifact foil actually from the Ixilan set, so that's a neat pick up. Prying Blade is a keeper too.

Prismite is a regular in these as well, so no need for this one as I have 4, which means, just 3 keepers from this half. Could be worse. I am going to try and make an effort to see what I can trade away with these Magic cards I don't keep, for ones I will just to see if I can move some, otherwise, I may just sell a box locally to clear some out. Much rather trade though.

Will right beat left? We shall see tomorrow!


  1. Your talk of new rules made me wonder if there's people out there who get together and play with old decks, by old rules? Like nothing past 2000, that sort of thing?

    1. There are a few different types of play, but more so about what cards can be used rather than which rules.