Thursday, March 24, 2022

Doubling Up

 More Tim Horton's packs today - a few days worth to go, and the first couple packs continue the theme of yesterday of red die cut inserts...

Sweet in all being needs again, so that's a good part of it. Now having 10 of the 50 red die cut cards is a plus, and the goalie photos are really nice in the set. You don't get full action shots or anything but full photos of them on ice are still nice.

I didn't expect a pack like this. I had always assumed there were just two base cards and one insert in each pack, but here we go - two inserts and a single base card. Not complaining, especially with the goal etching Nylander, but just very surprised by it. I assume it is somewhat unusual given I can't recall getting a pack like that the last few years. Wonder what the odds are of getting two inserts in a pack.

Though the cards you got may not have specifically been great, what's the best surprise like that you have had? I have had a couple packs come with an extra card - ie. says 10, comes with 11. Anyone get something wild like, all inserts, or all error cards?

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