Friday, March 11, 2022

Not So Jay Halladay

So, baseball is back. Overall, glad to hear, and really getting tired of this being an issue every few years. Hard to want either side to "win" when you have fights between millionaires, but I try and push that all aside to simply enjoy the game on the field.

The team baggie of cards from Jeff today have a couple really solid Toronto cards I plan on keeping, but first, a couple base card additions for me.

One of the more recent base sets I am, very slowly, working on. The winners today though are...

One way to get a Whitey Ford card into my Toronto Blue Jays collection! Really like the Then and Now inserts - regardless of the sport. More so, I love the Tim Hortons Gold Etchings cards, and although I have one of these, getting two more, they are absolutely staying with me. One of my favourite more recent release cards.

As Jeff is apt to send, a great variety of signature, SN, and insert cards.

The 2001 Signature Series set is one I think I have examples of each parallel colour from now which is neat, though not the same card in each. The MacKinnon though again, the with bright gold, just pops next to most any other cards - love it.

As a card, I love the Canvas cards, and come on - there's awesome dogs on this one! That would be an interesting list - sports cards with dogs on them. I am sure there are a number, and there would be the honorary mention of the Bobby Ryan "score and I get a dog" sign request which was in Upper Deck flagship a few years ago.

As much as I love Halladay, I don't PC the guy, so his Philly cards are all great to trade away if anyone is interested.

We even get a few 80s football cards in case those are on anyone's want list.

Lastly, before going, a pack I needed for my unopened Magic pack collection...

Honestly, I hate this product. Essentially they took two recent releases, mushed them together in new packaging and called it Double Feature to represent 2 sets being pushed together. I hope they don't do it again.

Also, I had to order this from across the country as even 401games, who would have been my first choice, wasn't bothering to sell single packs - online at least - and I didn't want a whole box of it, thank you very much.

A shame it scanned, well, as I would have expected, but still a bit dark - sorry about that.

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