Monday, March 21, 2022

Gold and Red

 A few more Timmies packs today from the 2021-22 set, and some nice gold and red cards to show.

We start with another gold etchings insert. Working to play up to the level of dad Keith, we have Brady with the Sens. Early on in his career to see how far he'll go.

The second pack, we start with the red, an excellent Leaf red die cut card. Not going to complain about a Taveres Leaf card that's new for me. A dupe in the base cards though unfortunately.

We end with another Red die cut card, and another base dupe, this time with Letang.

I really like going through these packs when it's busy season as it makes for a quick and easy distraction. Now, I'd love if the packs had 5, 6, or more cards, but that would be a pipe dream for the price.

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