Thursday, March 17, 2022

More Choices

Here we have the second to last group of cards from Toronto local Jeff, and we get a bunch more Collector's Choice parallel cards.

First, a couple base addition keepers...

A couple good star pickups here. Jeremy was a paid when he played, always being a pest for Chicago against my Leafs. Yzerman was similar for Detroit.

This Player's Club card is actually an uncorrected error, so nice pick up there, but it wasn't the only such card today...

A whole bunch more of these actually get me over 1/3 of the parallel set which I wouldn't have ever thought I'd get to on a parallel set before the past lot of cards which had brought me a lot of Topps Gold parallels.

There weren't the only keepers from 1995-96 Collector's Choice, more crashing the game as well...

Awesome bunch considering the number of cards in the insert set. As for the rest of the cards which don't fit my collection, still plenty of good stuff to see...

Can't go wrong with great stars, even in :"junk wax" sets. Jagr looks so young in those cards too - sometimes it doesn't take much to feel old just looking at cardboard.

So many 1995-96 Collector's CHoice cards, some dupes were of course going to crop up.

Thought I might need that Mario McDonald's card, but turns out I do already have it too.

Fantastic bunch, sad there's just a single day of cards left, but let's take a look at it tomorrow!

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