Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Unusual

 A couple unusual cards in today's cards from Jeff Scott.

This isn't one of them - just the single base addition keeper. However the next one...

The good is, I figured it was a Toronto card, but took a search of TCDB to find it with a little help of the back. It's one of the He Shoots He Scores redemption points type cards from 2011-12 Between The Pipes. There are 9 cards for a few different players which can be put together for a full picture. This one would be Cujo if completed.

Not only a new Timmies card - but a nice error with a miscut as you can see a bit of another card on the left side. Very cool as it may be a simple miscut, but definitely makes it that bit more interesting and special to collect.

A nice bunch of insert/parallel keepers here with some SN, Electric Ice, Retro, Red Die Cast and similar cards. Personally - really like the blue border O Pee Chee parallel and makes me think I might really want to keep an eye out for Leafs in it as that border would like awesome for Leaf players.

A couple others though...

Another couple autographs, and Daniel is a pretty darn good get! Just amazing.

Heck, even a few cards that I can pass along for the kids here...

Pokemon cards! Nothing too special or valuable, so no problem passing on to the kids - who enjoyed them!

As for what else is there...

Goalie heavy on the cards today. Odd seeing Luongo pre-Vancouver days.

Seem to be a bunch of Upper Deck newer cards sprinkler throughout these packs, so anyone set building with needs they see here, just let me know!