Monday, March 28, 2022

Rough Ending

 I guess I am stopping just in time with these last of the 2021-22 Tim Horton's hockey card packs, because of all the cards below, I am only keeping 4 of the base cards - the rest are all dupes. Obviously such is what happens more as you go through packs, the more you have, the less you need, but still a bit of a shame since I won't even be at half the base set.

A bit disappointed the red die cut card here is a dupe, but will look to trade if anyone is interested.

Yeah, pretty much copy my comment above - two for two in dupes of the red die cut cards.

Didn't even win with the last insert, also a dupe.

Kind of means ending with a dud, but they can't all be winners I guess, and overall worked out pretty darn well. Only card I really would have liked to pull would have been the set namesake, but I'll keep an eye out and trade for him somewhere on TCDB as that shouldn't be too difficult.

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