Sunday, October 16, 2022

1994-95 Leaf Limited

Finally - back to the COVID 19 lot of cards...always fun though the break to catch up on trades and the like was excellent too. 

Remember when premium or higher end sets meant you paid a couple bucks more per pack, rather than spending a house down payment on a "box" which may contain a couple cards? Yeah, Leaf Limited was a step up from the flagship set and related cost, and I will say, the product looked a step up.

I mean, at the time, the use of the foil and thicker cardstock worked well to create a premium feel. Not a big fan of the floating payer front, and the career only type stats on the back, but I can see the appeal. Now, getting about 160 cards here and with the base set being 120 cards, I thought I might be forced into adding the set to my list of slow builds - though without a major start on it, I don't think I'd be interested.

However, there are many missing, and many of the cards here came with 2, 3 or ever 7 copies, so it was a case of not really getting enough of a base set to make it interesting.

The Leaf and PC type players were all missing in action too, so who was missing were fairly key names. End result - a nice set with some appeal, just nothing in it for me today unfortunately. Maybe something in it for you if you are interested.