Saturday, October 22, 2022

More Variations

 ANother day, another PWE trade from a first time TCDB trade partner - this time capper14.

Upper Deck 1992-93 is an easy variation - holograms, and once you know them, they are easy to spot.

1992-93 Stadium Club - is one of those multiple variations due to differences in the copyright line, specifically the letter at the front of the line as there are A/B or C/D or E/F variation pairs. I haven't gone back through mine to make sure I have them correct as it's a relatively new variation on TCDB (I think), but the list of things to do when it comes to these little variations seems to get longer by the day!

No matter the variations though, I do, and please also, keep in mind that as long as it's the fun of collecting - if you like chasing minor differences do - and if you could care less - then don't, just enjoy the hobby!

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