Tuesday, October 25, 2022

We Have To Talk About Bruno

 My kids really enjoy the Encanto movie by Disney, what can I say. It's pretty good and a worthwhile watch if you have any interest in kids movies.

The Bruno I want to talk about is TCDB member sandyrusty. With the Canada Post free ship Tuesday for an item in Canada with Expedited Parcel, we sent each other a box of about 500 cards. Bruno was really nice to reach out with it, and also just go through my traders and pull cards he doesn't have, but wasn't necessarily looking for, compared to a huge list of cards of his that are on my want list.

One way or another, we get the big trade done, and now I have a bunch of cards to pull through, share, and see what I was able to complete or get close to completing with the trade.

First up was the "bonus" which wasn't in the trade, but which he sent - a full 2011 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety set!

Ace has a pretty good signature for a bird!

Though the logo itself isn't my favourite, the design on these cards is pretty excellent. Easy to read, blue contrasting blue, good photos, and even the Bowman style faux signatures add and don't detract from the cards.

Of course you get the full team so EE, Bautista, are great to see...

however it's getting the coaches that is pretty cool on these sets as well, including former Jays player, Pat Hentgen.

Definitely an amazing surprise for the trade, and a good way to start off the box of goodies. Not sure how much I will split it up or not, but probably depends on how much there is to highlight, which may be a lot.


  1. Nice! Jays team sets are always nice to get.
    Speaking of cards in the mail.. I got a parcel from you today. Or more to the point, it arrived on the 18th and I picked it up today..

    1. Glad you received the early Christmas present. :)

  2. Bruno is one of the best out there. Just more proof of that. For anyone who reads this, do trade with him, you won't be disappointed.

  3. CrazieJoe, I enjoyed pulling those cards for you and adding so much to your Jays collection. Yes I now have some sets with only a few cards in them but I rather have cards I didn't have than doubles (and many more) of cards I already have in my collection. Believe it or not, many of the Jays Fire Safety sets I have were picked up at baseball games on Saturdays where the kids get handed a free set of cards. Many end up being left in the stands. I am happy you found the box of cards interesting.