Wednesday, October 5, 2022

What A Peach

 Another day, another trade. I am almost at my most trades in a year, and I will pass that mark with the ones still outstanding. My record is 62 and this is trade 59, and I should get there in the next few days. Love the accomplishment, and if I ever get fully caught up on my check ins of cards between new materials, the lots, etc, I will see how much I can do on a run of daily trade posts...I mean, could I do them for a full year? I know some seem to trade that much, just not sure if I could get there.

Anyway - enough of the future, how about the PWE trade of today which was with TCDB member peach_was_here, and here are the cards peach sent here...

Still love me some early 90s Studio cards. Joe gets me to within one Jay of the team set, and I believe that is true with Delgado for 2001 Pacific.

Actually, those two are number 1 and number 4 respectively in my most carded Jays. When I say this, I could all cards, not unique cards. Joe Carter, I have about 330 and Carlos about 285 (in between are Roberto Alomar and Dave Stieb). Actually, looking at my most cards by player, the top guy that didn't have any time with the Jays is Willie Stargell who is 37th with about 93 cards - and I know that's the Donruss puzzle pieces.

With the nice adds of the 2016 Heritage cards, I do have one question regarding the stats on the back - we don't get innings pitched, but we get winning percentage. I mean, I can figure out winning percentage since wins and losses are shown, so why the winning percentage when innings would be a more important, but basic stat. Just my opinion....

Regardless, still great additions and make me smile like Springer!

I guess it's a good thing Peach was here....someone tell Mario!

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