Thursday, October 27, 2022

Early Day Jays

 Today, I want to start going through the Jays cards from sandyrusty - and there are plenty so it will take a few days. I am curious to see if I happen to get some team sets completed. It wouldn't surprise me, but time will tell, and we get to start off in the early days of the Jays.

When thinking of early Jays, I mean, early being before I was old enough to follow them, Alvis Woods is one of those names for sure. A couple 1979 O Pee Chee are an excellent start, and I am about half way there on the Jays for that one.

The Jays Future Stars card does give me the first complete team set out of this bunch of cards - as I can knock 1980 Topps off the list - woohoo!

1981, 1982 Donruss definitely helps, but still a bit of work left to do on those ones.

Getting into the mid-80s, no more full team sets, but some great additions including some stickers!

Sweet - one of my favourite sets, I now have a complete set of Jays for....1984 O Pee Chee. The first cards I ever remember having were some of these cards...which I traded for 1991 Donruss in 1991. Yeah, that wasn't a smart move.

Plenty of help with 1985 O Pee Chee here too, though not enough to get to a full team set, but I'll take it!

I love the fire safety sets, and 1987 is one I have been piecemealing together, and at 29 of 36 now, so not much further to go on that one.

We get another team set completed here with 1988 Leaf and the 18 Jays in the set. Given the mass amount of Jays here, glad to be able to get a few team sets completed, and hoping there will be more tomorrow!

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