Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy and Fun Halloween

 It's Halloween - hope all those who celebrate enjoy and have some fun. Today's Jays definitely touch on the Fun aspect with the continuing look at the cards from the sandyrusty box trade...

I believe I had one Fun Pack set Jays card before these, and as you can see, there is one base design, but a bunch of other base set, subset designs, which all try to stay fun and kid oriented. I mean, looking at Alomar below - I don't recall his head being quite that big.

An unscratched scratch card is always a nice pick up. I think by the mid-90s, I wasn't really scratching any such cards I got either, I just kept them as is, just didn't come across many is all. Collector's Choice SE with the blue border to go with the Blue Jays looking extra sweet on the Guzman card.

Into the mid-90s a bit further, Score, Topps and Ultra sets continue to grow here. I believe Joe Carter may be my most, or second most collected Blue Jay with about 350 cards - maybe 200 different ones though.

Jays from sets I don't really enjoy too much for the look, but still love for my Jays - Finest (some sets look better than others, the brown here doesn't do any favours), and SportFlix - I get the being different approach and thick cards are nice, but these ones specifically don't do as much as an ongoing action shot would.

Getting to the 200s, not too much beyond, but still goodies - even Bowman in all it's not so successful rookie goodness.

Excellent bunch again today, but that's not the end of the package - we still have some Leaf cards and wrestling cards to boot!

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