Thursday, October 20, 2022

A Quick Five

 I know - going back to the COVID lot was a short trip before being back to trade sharing, but I take that as a good thing. I mean, being able to send some cards away to get useful stuff back in return is even better than just getting cards in a lot as I get to make someone else's collection better too.

Speaking of which, Canada Post has a small business deal with the ability to send a package for free in Canada every Tuesday in October. I have those covered and will have a few larger trade boxes I will need to work on soon, so that will take me away from the COVID lot as well - but again, still a good thing!

Anyway, to the quick PWE at hand - this one a first time trade with BLWinborn40.

All newer Jays, which are always great additions. Not a fan of the licenseless cards, like Optics, but could be worse. Really like the fact the Bautista is SN to 99, even if it is a Bunt card. The Stadium Club cards win though with the fantastic photography - just great throughout the set, and a celebrating Tulo is just great.

Doesn't take much to make a great little trade like this - love it, and thanks!

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