Thursday, October 6, 2022


 I did a PWE trade with TCDB member Chickengood which mainly ended up with me getting a handful of cards of a certain short term Jay.

Yes, the 1982 Topps base cards are a nice little help to the set build, and yes, the Reggie Baseball Heroes card brings my insert set down to just 2 remaining needs, and yes, Shannon Stewart is the second of two Jays from the Future Stock Prospects 1996 Upper Deck insert set to complete the small team set, but the rest is all Roger.

Even if you were not a fan of (or against) the teams Roger player for, you probably have an opinion of him. He was a polarizing player, moreso even after his career. I have talked about not liking him when he was with the Red Sox due to the rivalry in the division with the Jays, and I tolerated him enough as a Jay, and given his accomplishments on the field, appreciate the opportunity to collect some of his cards for his time in Toronto.

Do I really "like" the guy though - not really. I respect what he did in the game (how can of course be a contentious issue), but assisted or not, there was enough talent there to begin with.

He may be a chickenbad to some, but Chickengood - I appreciate the trade and adding these to my Jays collection!


  1. As a Yankees fan I know how you feel. Didn't quote despise him on the Red Sox [was a bit young] but when he was on Toronto it started. Then tolerated him in Pinstripes [which got all sorts of weird in the 2000 world series]. Now I don't go out of my way to collect him, but I still take in the cards I need of him.

    1. A good way to put it - not going out of the way to collect, but still collecting - definitely agreeable to that sentiment.

  2. Agreed- there are players in my collection that I don't like or respect, but as a part of Jays history, I collect and keep. The glaring example from what I collect would be Chris Benoit wrestling cards. I collect wrestling cards, and he has some - obviously what he did was horrible, but it doesn't negate that he was a wrestler. I don't go out of my way to collect them, and I don't hold them in high regard, but I keep them like I would any wrestling cards.