Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Going Big

 Today, we get another set highlighted with the pull of cards from the COVID lot - but unlike the last couple, this one is baseball.

1988 Topps Big, is exactly as the name suggests - big. The cards are a little bigger than the standard card size, they JUST squeeze in to the pages in a 9 pocket sheet, so they can be a bit of a pain for keeping nicely or mailing since they are a bit out of the norm.

The good - happy to get all these Jays into the collection, and as you can see, more than just one copy as we seem to have these in spades for what was in this bunch.

The design over the few years stayed fairly similar, with the nice action shot and a big close up headshot, the design stands out, and other years saw a slightly different design, but similarly recognizable.

My favourite part of the set has to be the nice cartoon design for providing a few facts about the related player. I mean, look at those examples - so neat and fun! I mean, you give up a but on the stas as those were crunched down, but almost worth it for the snazzy comics!

Almost all of these cards were from the first series - the set was released in 3 parts, so almost tempted to work on the set, but really, as cute as the comics are on the backs, the set and the size, don't do much for me, so I'm going to pass. If anyone does want any of the cards above (save for the Jays of course), just let me know.

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