Friday, October 28, 2022

Into The 90s

 We continue the box from sandyrusty with more Jays additions, which head through the later 80s and into the 90s!

I have no idea what I will consider a complete set when it comes to the 1988 stickers. I mean, you have the backs where people have taken the stickers off, you have the "un-stuck" stickers, you have the different combination variations. I'll think about it harder when I have more.

I do have all the UK Mini Jays, and I now have a bunch of the 1989 Fire Safety team set now.

The FIre Safety sets are quite basic and on thin cardstock too, so they have a tendency to suffer as they age, though these ones are all pretty darn good.

Poor Jimy, I remember as a kid, asking my grandpa why his parents spelled his name wrong...I mean, why did they forget the second M in Jimmy?

I really like the Best in the AL Donruss set from 1990 because the blue border looks so good. John is the last of my Jays needs for that set - sweet!

We also get a bunch of Fleer - and no, not your regular Fleer, your Fleer Canada set Fleer. One of those variations that people who dislike variations will dislike, though I count this akin to Topps/O Pee Chee really.

We end today just touching in 1991, but most noticeable is how dirty Mookie Wilson is. The man puts in an effort, just like sandyrusty did with putting together his side of this massive trade. A bunch more to share tomorrow!


  1. The Olerud looks awesome in the Best in the AL Donruss set. Congratulations on completing the team set.

    1. I do wish they used that blue border for the main set, and maybe the red for the AL.