Monday, October 3, 2022

Not Going Home

 As the saying goes - go big or go home, and well, I'm outta home so just got a bit of big...

Sure, another new trade partner with deadhead11 brought a couple more 1988 Donruss variations, because we need to have them all, and an error/variation binder addition with Stan, but it's the 1989 and 1990 Topps Big cards that are the stars here.

Honestly, I hate sending anything that isn't a standard card. No matter how well packaged I feel I have things, I hate them just sticking out that bit much as I always feel something will go wrong and they will bend.

However, receiving, all the power to those willing to send these slightly bigger cards, as I am happy to get them!

It doesn't hurt that one is Stieb, or even long time repeat Jay with Fernandez, nope, definitely doesn't hurt.

I still need plenty of them, but I think I do have another couple headed my way already in another trade. The heavy influx of trades is from recent adds to the trade list, and me having a bit of time to pull and keep up with the trades. I think this is the only time I have ever had more than 10 trades on the go at a time. Don't mind it, but won't keep this heavy on the trades for too long. It does mean I will have my most trades in a calendar year this year though, which is cool.

THat all said, thanks for the trade deadhead11, and thank you for going Big!


  1. Whoa 10 trades going at once? I'm impressed when I can pull off 3😅

    1. Yeah - it's about my limit and keeping in control with still having "life" going on...