Monday, April 24, 2023

Grew On Me

 Todays' COVID lot cards are of a set that has grown on me quite a lot the last few years - 1986 Topps baseball.

It's a set I think people will either love, or hate, but likely have strong feelings about either way. I didn't like it when collecting as a kid, but the last handful of years when I have had the cards in my hands more in these lot purchases, I kinda started liking it, then really liking it. As it stands, I believe I am only a card or two short - once busy season is over, I am going to pin down a few sets that are close and try and get them done, like this one.

Only keeper from today is the Jays leaders cards there, dead centre.

The black and white border design and to team name on the cards being - well - large and in chanrge, stand out and define the set at a glance.

No big cards in the bunch today, but that's okay - not any big money cards in the set. I mean, the big cards are probably your Nolan Ryan's and Ryne Sandberg's, but nothing that sets you out big dollars to pick up.


  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for your needs for this set.. I may have a couple.

    1. I wouldn't be against getting those :) I am sure there's some more floating around in my stuffs to share and go through, but either way I get any that are MIA, I'm happy.

  2. If you need any help with the 86 set lmk I have a bunch

  3. I didn't collect it as a kid and I don't collect it now, but I've always really liked the design.

  4. I've always like the design. Someday I'll get around to completing it.