Tuesday, April 25, 2023

2006 Topps Baseball

 As the title suggests, another baseball Topps set to share today, and another I am collecting ever so slowly as a back burner build.

Again, the foil kind of works against the design to me, but I do like the team colour design bands as a nice accent. Again, some solid photography - as I do wonder if Grady Sizemore is going to make a catch or have a run in.

Now, unfortunately, no Jays in the bunch of cards, but all in today, 100 new additions to my base set, so a solid day and no complaints. 

The backs are pretty solid too. You don't get another photo, but again, that is compensated with a nice factoid / comic, and full stats with potentially a write up. The only wasted space seems to be the little strip of colour on the left side just above the Topps logo.

Definitely some staged shots, but not the norm for the set, lot's of action shots.

Along with the "normal" base cards, we get some subset cards as well...

Love those team cards. You may need a microscope to see each individual face, but really like when they include these in the base set.

You then end with highlights of stars from each team. We see more of this in more recent sets I think, as a good way to include stars and Hall of Famers with more than one base card.

All in - a very successful day!


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    1. Definitely underrated - if I collected at the time, I may have more tie to it, but it's a great flagship design regardless.