Saturday, April 1, 2023


I am getting more excited by some of the cards I already have, than those I am missing.

It's Wrestlemania day (one) and Adam Cole is no where to be seen in WWE. He's been doing fine in AEW, just wish he'd get back to the E, though not sure how well he would work on the main roster. I miss Undisputed Era in NXT, that was a great group.

This week end is all about the Roman Empire, the Bloodline, and Reigns. I do expect he will be losing this weekend, but only time will tell. It's been long enough with the belts, and has added prestige to them with his long title reign.

For this back, the good is T-Bar and Naomi are new base additions, and Ivar is a new to me foil. The rest are dupes, but again, a Roman A&G is a pretty solid pick up!

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  1. I may not know anything about wrestling but I do like seeing that base design.