Sunday, April 23, 2023

Some Shine

 Another day of some random COVID lot hockey cards...but will there be anything I am really wanting/keeping?

We start heavy with some Flyers, though 2006-07 Upper Deck is not a set for me, so nothing here for keep.

We get a binder page worth of 1999-2000Millenium Signature Series. A bit Black Diamond-esque in look, but nothing here for me...though I spy a Bruin for someone else.

1997-98 Donruss Preferred is a set I really REALLY like, but don't have much of, so glad to pick up Iginla here. Meanwhile, getting to the Gold Label cards - if anyone can tell me a good way to tell the difference between the base and the black parallel, that would be great. Is one a rainbow shine and the other not? Do they scan different? I am having a hard time telling the difference reviewing in TCDB, so appreciate any input.

Oh, and meanwhile, we get some Leaf content that is new to me too, yay!

A decent show all around, though maybe not much to keep, lots of fun traders up for grabs now.


  1. Black parallel has black "Gold Label" logo on front. Difference is clear on hand.

    1. Okay - I figure it was one of those situations where the scans were not helping and just confusing me depending on lighting and the scanning colour pick up. Much appreciated!