Tuesday, April 11, 2023


 The bunch of cards from the COVID lot today are generally prospect type sets and cards - Classic, In The Game, that kind of thing. SO I didn't expect anything for me since those are not in my collecting niche, but one card (two copies of one card), just squeak in.

Still counts for the Leaf collection, even though it doesn't scream "Leaf" except maybe the blue accent on the front.

As for the rest, which are up for grabs...

Anyone who wants these for kindling, let me know. Some are in the 5-8 dupes range here, if you were wondering.

I will say, the Edge Ice cards here are pretty cool as they are both promo cards as per the numbering on the back. I'd keep them for sure, if it wasn't a minor league set.

We then end with some more In The Game sets which, do look fairly decent for what they are, though a little repetitive for the goalies all being in about the same position - action shots would do wonders for these.

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  1. Seeing those 97/98 Bowman CHL cards brings back memories. I opened a ton of that product in the late 90's when the local distributor was clearing that stuff out.