Friday, April 14, 2023

Enjoying some FiresNBeers

 Another trade to share - this one with FiresNBeers from TCDB....which you probably guessed from the title.

The slow build of the flagship set of my wife's birth year continues. These bring me up to 57.7$ done on the 792 card set. Not many Hancocks in sports over the years (just a letter off my wife's last name, which I took when we got married - Handcock).

As you can see, Jays content for the rest. Down to a single sticker left for the 1992 Panini Jays team set, and Juan is the first of 4 playing cards for the team from the 1993 Bicycle deck.

A nice bunch of A&G Jays to end including a couple of the short print cards - Rios and Litsch. Definitely a year I would like more if the Jays logo was not the big J with bird. Definitely not on of my faves. At least having them in black stands out and looks better on the cards than if it was one of the blues.

Appreciate the trade and turning some football cards I don't need into baseball cards I do!

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  1. FiresNBeers always has good stuff. Nice assortment here.

    You took your wife's last name? Very interesting.