Sunday, April 30, 2023

The End-ish

A happy day for a couple reasons. First being the Leafs advancing out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time in what feels like forever and the work busy time is about over.

It's the last day of April, and as much as the deadline for taxes is today, it's really tomorrow because today is the weekend, so bumps to the next work day. Also, everything is basically done - just dotting i's and crossing t's that everything we think is filed, is filed.

So, I don't have a bunch of energy right now to go through all the cards I am sharing, so more of a slide show or picture show today. THese are the cards I picked up in the last few random singles purchases from 401games, though tomorrow is a bit more from more recent sets, so enjoy the pics, and maybe a few comments.

Only a handful of older cards - Mirage and 4th edition, to fill a few holes, but mostly sticking to 2017-current with the remainder.

I do even pick up the token cards if they are for artifact cards or related tokens, and we get the entire set of 4 here. Unfortunately the only "artifact set" completion for the day, but that is typical as most sets have at least one expensive artifact card I don't shell out the money for.

Like sports cards, you go back 30-40 years, it's much easier to get a team set (or artifact set as this case may be). Little on inserts, just base cards, rarely any short prints. Now, like sports cards, with foil parallels, extended art, retro frames, even serial numbered cards, it's impossible to collect everything you want.

Speaking of retro frames, some of those tomorrow at least....

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