Friday, April 28, 2023

Completing An Insert Set

 A perfect example today, of why TCDB has been such a boost to my collecting. I may have picked up a couple 2021 WWE Topps Heritage blaster boxes, but wasn't able to get far enough on the base or A&G set, so I turn to TCDB to help, and today, with the help of a couple trades, the A&G insert set at least is done.

bklassen52 provided me with the following...

A nice bunch of base cards from the Raw side of things, plus my favourite current wrestler in A&G form. A lot of these cards are great COVID time period reminders with the screen crowd backgrounds. Can't say I miss those.

With The Miz accounted for, we are down to 6 more A&G inserts, and a quick trade with DaveyWavetLT knocked those all out at once...

Don't know why so many were the front part of the 30 card set that I had MIA< but so me it. Everyone is accounted for now - woo hoo!

Thank you both for the great trades, and for the set help!


  1. Such a cool insert set. Congratulations on completing it.

    1. Thank you - helped that it wasn't an overly large or high odds one to collect.